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Feb 3, 2017

Patchwerk Recording Studios presents the I dO MUSIC Podcast

featuring Kawan "KP" Prather... In this episode KP discusses...

- How Pebbles & LA Reid were responsible for his 1st A&R Job
- Trappin' at the Atlanta Airport as a kid
- Hustlin' LL Cool J out of $30 bucks
- Winning a Grammy
- Meeting T.I. for the 1st time
- What skills & characteristics he looks for in an artist
- The importance of having a great team around you
- His favorite song that he worked on (production wise)
- What he enjoys about deejaying
- What it's like werking with Pharrell at I Am Other

Jan 27, 2017

Patchwerk Recording Studios presents The I dO MUSIC Podcast, 

In this episode Janet discusses the following: 

- How to license your music to film & tv

- 2 types of licenses (sync license vs master recording license)

- The various types of music film & tv are looking for

- How to make your music marketable for film & tv

- How the film & tv industries set their fees for what they pay out

- How producers find music that they want to use on their shows

- How new media is affecting the film & tv industry

- The importance of studio quality material

- What info needs to be presented along with your musical submission  

Jan 20, 2017

Patchwerk Recording Studios presents The I dO MUSIC Podcast...  

In this episode Jini Thornton of (Envision Business Management Group) discusses: 

- How she got into the music industry / her first client Ludacris

- How the money flows in the music industry 

- How to set your company up 

-  The most common mistakes people make in the music industry 

- How to make money on the road 

- What a business management firm is & what they do 

- Making money in the music industry 

Jan 13, 2017

Patchwerk Recording Studios presents The I dO MUSIC Podcast 

In this episode Zaytoven & Al Nuke discuss the following: 

- the music & entertainment scene in both Detroit & Atlanta

- why they both chose to move to Atlanta 

- the independent music game in the Bay Area vs. Atlanta

- working with Gucci Mane 

- the success of Birds of a Feather 

- the importance of having a strong work ethic

- when producing & movie making switched from just a hoppy to a real profession 

- how they started working together 

- Birds of a Feather 2 

Jan 6, 2017

Patchwerk Recording Studios presents the I dO MUSIC Podcast.... 

In this episode DJ Toomp Discusses the following: 

- How he got his name 

- Making his 1st song with Rahim The Dream back in 1985 

- Some of his musical influences 

- UFO's 

- Working with T.I.,  their relationship & how they met 

- His opinion of Trap Music 

- The importance of the producer / artist relationship (in the studio) 

- Producing for Jay Z, Kanye West, Nas & others 

- The anatomy of a hit record (how to construct it) 

- How he felt when songs that he produced went #1 

Dec 30, 2016

Patchwerk Recording Studios presents The I dO MUSIC Podcast...

In this episode Rico Brooks discusses the following: 

- The role of "The Manager" & the different types of managers 

- How he started working in the music industry 

- A typical day as a manager 

- Managing an artist vs. managing a producer 

- The importance of internships & why they are valuable 

- Skill sets that managers should bring to the table 

- Working with Sonny Digital, Metro Boomin, Boyz N Da Hood & others 

- How managers get paid  

- Understanding the different types of royalties



Dec 23, 2016

Patchwerk Recording Studios presents The I dO MUSIC Podcast...  

In this episode Kobalt Music's Al "Butta" McLean discusses:

- the fundamentals of music publishing 

- how music publishing works 

- how to get paid for your work 

- & how Kobalt Music is building the music service company of tomorrow 

Dec 16, 2016

In this episode The Patchwerk Recording Studios engineers discuss the following:

- Recording: different techniques, mic selection, what to look for in a good tracking studio & engineer 

- Mixing: what type of files to bring to you mix session, what their various approaches are to mixing, what to expect in a typical mix session

- Mastering: what the different types of mastering are, what is actually done during a mastering session, what to expect from a professional mastering engineer 

- Admin services: all the steps you need to take to make sure you keep ownership of your music & how to register your song - to ensure that if it makes any money - that the money goes to you 

- Digital distribution: discuss the process of putting your music out & monetizing all of you digital content 

Dec 9, 2016

Patchwerk Recording Studios presents the I dO Music Podcast

In this episode Ras Kass discusses: 

- being in the music industry for over 20 year 

- the challenges of putting music out back in the day vs today 

- what happened with Priority Records

- Soul on Ice (his debut album) 

- working with Dr. Dre, Kurupt, Canibus, Xzibit, Diamond D & others

- growing up in California (Watts & Carson) 

- what went wrong with the 4Horsemen & Golden State Warriors projects

- his current project Intellectual Property  

Ras wraps up his interview by spitting a dope freestyle 

Dec 4, 2016

In this episode Adell Henderson talks with Block about: 

- what it was like to work with both 2pac & Bad Boy 

- how he formed the group Boyz N Da Hood with Young Jeezy 

- working with Jazze Pha & Noontime forming Sho'Nuff Records & doing Ciara's 1st album 

- how he got starting in the rap game, with Tony Draper & Tela 

- his current projects; Kris Kelli & his campaign to rebuild hip hop Block by Block 

- some of the current issues in todays music industry 

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